Virus! 2 Evolution (Expansion)



Board game: the Virus! 2

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Well, if the Viruses have been evolved!

Just when the efforts of our doctors began to give its fruits, the problems are compounded.

Samples stored in the laboratory for the study show that the virus mutated and became much more resistant and aggressive.

Traditional drugs are useless against them. Although our scientists are working to create new effective measures, time goes by and new viruses begin to expand without control, causing panic in the laboratory.

Your task now will be to control a new pandemic, and to prevent viruses have evolved reaching the population.

Trying to keep away from viruses them, and lay them on a quarantine to prevent its spread. But ándate with the eyes, because your opponents will not check you things easily and will do everything possible to sabotage his work and stay all the glory.

WARNING: VIRUS! 2 Evolution expasión need “a VIRUS!”), to play.